The Retreat

Friday, we arrived at the lodge where we would be staying. All together I think there was around 50 women that went. We unloaded the vehicles and put away all the food and what not. Then me, mama, and Annette went into Helen to shop. The first store we went in was awesome. There were butterflies everywhere!! I love butterflies.. So there was this one wall that had framed butterfly collections. They weren't that expensive so Mama decided to buy one for me for my birthday even though it isn't until February. I love all the little nik naks you can find in those stores. I bought a little angel that had my secret sisters name on it for her. It's kinda of weird how I don't mind spending money on someone else, but when it comes to myself... 'it's too expensive.' My secret sis was great though. She's a very sweet woman. I think she deserved the things I bought for her. I bought her a new bible and got her name put on it and a bible holder and a snow globe with an angel inside. She collects angels. She's so precious.
So later that night we all ate and then Denise spoke. She spoke about Gomer. She was the wife of Hosea. Gomer was a prostitute, but Hosea loved her. God had told him to go find a woman like her. Well long story short, Gomer had been caught in the bed of another man and was put on the slave market because of it. Well Hosea loved her so deeply that he didn't just go and claim her, he went and placed the highest bid on her. There's more to the story, but his love was just so amazing for her. This story is in the book of Hosea in the bible.
After she spoke some of us sat around and played some games. We played Taboo. Note to self: Don't play with more than 10 people. It sucks!
Saturday, we got up and had some breakfast and sat and talked a little bit then Kelly spoke. She talked about how the women in the bible, though they are going through tough things in their lives, they are still giving glory to God. I've been trying to find a woman in the Bible that I can relate to. I'm still digging. I want to model my attitude towards God after those women. Sometimes when things happen to me, I ask God 'why me?' I'm sure we all do that at one point or another. I want to be able to get to the point where when something happens I can say 'I know you did this for a reason God and I know you'll be here to take me through it.'
After that.. a couple of ladies and my mom, Nancy, and I went to eat some lunch. Then we shopped a little bit. We had fun. The only things I bought all weekend for myself was a dream catcher and a candy and caramel apple :P
On Saturday night Jana gave us a history timeline on part of the bible. I'm not exactly sure what it was about because I was in pain. I had hit the corner of the truck door into my chin. Yeah... OUCH! I have a huge bruise. So I was trying to stay comfortable so my leg wouldn't hurt. After Jana, Avenaile spoke. She's such a precious lady. She was one of the older women there. She's so wise.
That last session lasted a while and so I was getting tired and was able to sleep better than I had the night before.
On Sunday morning, Susan spoke. She did this thing where she put on her make up but she had scripture for what she was doing. Like when she was putting on her eye makeup one of the other ladies read a scripture about our eyes. I'm not sure how it went. I'm going to get those scriptures though. She talked about risk taking.
After that session, we began packing and while we were packing, we started getting freezing rain and sleet. I was like oh no! We were basically on top of a mountain and those roads were by no means level. But we got down safely. Nancy, Jenn, and I had to go to North Carolina to pick up Savannah. Jenn's brother had came and got her that first night.
Overall, I had a blast. We were able to bond. Someone asked in one word how I would describe that weekend. I said sisterhood. I think we're going back to that same place next year. I can't wait!!


JOY said...

Loved reading this post Keri! Nice to see what you got up to bit by bit.

You seem to have met some very special people.

cameo said...

Seems like you had a lovely time. So glad you were able to do this. And the whole "God has a plan for me, I can see it now" comes with age. BeLIEve me! I'm able to look back and see why I had to go through some sucky times. It all makes sense.