Busy Day

So this morning, I had to go to Lavonia to work at Michael's store. He needed someone to work produce so he called my boss and got me to come up there this morning. I worked from about 8-11:30. Well on my way home, I stopped by my place of employment to see what time I work tomorrow. I'm off!! YAY.. but anyway. Bradley asked if I'd stay and bag. He said he's give me $5. I told him that I really didn't want to. So I got all the way home and had changed clothes and had fixed my lunch when my cell rang. It was Sarah. She was calling to ask if I was still there. I told her no and that I was already home. She said she really needed someone to stock. I was like.. ok.. let me eat my lunch and i'll be there.
They owe me! So I went back at 1:00 and left at about 4:30. Well then I took Mama's dog outside and was just walking through the yard and wasn't paying attention and hit my shin on a freakin horse shoe post! OUCH!!It feels like I put a dent in my bone! OWEEE!!!!! Well.. I'm going to go clean up the supper dishes. LATER!

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