New Job

So I said that Dill's (my job before the motel) would be the last place I went to. Well, I woke up this morning at 6 and couldn't go back to sleep. I woke up thinking about going back to Dill's. So I laid there for a couple of minute and thought about all the things about the place that made it a good choice right now. I know the majority of the people there. Terry (the manager) is willing to work with my school schedule. He is going to make me full time. etc.etc. So I went by today to talk to him. When I got there, I poked my head in the door. He said "Yeah?" I said, "I need a job Terry." He said to come on in. So we talked about what I wanted to do there. I told him i would like to be able to come in at 2 and work til 9 on Monday through Thursday since I have school in the morning. He said ok and told me all he had was a cashier position and I told him that's what I was looking for but I'd do whatever he needed to be done to have a job. :P So I went over to the hospital and did the drug test. He said that he knows it will be clean and told me to come back tomorrow to talk to him. So I'm guessing that I have a job!!!! To bad I couldn't get just a little unemployment out of the motel though... :P

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