Missing Documents and Opossums

So last week, I received a document that needed to be filed. Well, its missing.  I noticed that it was gone from my desk on Friday, but didn't say anything because I thought I would find it.  

Monday.  No document.  We search all......day.......long. Still no document.  I hope that it was just misfiled and not shredded. 

Last night, I was chilling out in the bedroom trying to catch up on some reading when I heard the bump and noises that we've been hearing a lot lately coming from the bathroom.   Before I go into what the bump was, let me give a little back story.

My Kitty, when she gets off the screened-in-porch where she stays, tries to find ways into the house.  Our house has a brick underpinning with vents every so many feet.  The cats were pushing the vents in and getting under the house. My dad boarded up some of the vents and put wire over some.  There was one that was missed however. 

So Kitty was still getting under the house.  She found a hole under the bathtub in my bathroom.  So one morning, she is freaking out because she is in the hollow part of the tub.  Under the sink that it connected to the wall between the shower and the sink, there is a removable panel.  This is how she would get in the house. 

So... last night, I open the cabinet and remove the panel and what do I see?! I big ugly opossum butt and big nasty tail! I immediately slam the cabinet doors. Derek grabs his gun, but it was gone. I guess I scared it when I slammed the doors.  So, now we know what the noise maker was.  It was no longer my kitty, it was a nasty ole opossum! 

Anyone wants to opossum stew tonight? ;)

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Rebecca said...

eek! Good thinking closing those doors so quickly. Imagine if it had been turned the other direction and bolted into the house!