House Hunt Begins

I've kinda started looking for us a house.  I've found a few potentials, but there was one near my mom's neighborhood that I would really like to have.  The only thing is, I know how to get on the tax assessor's website and check to see how much propertys are assessed at.

I just got off the phone with the person that owns the house I was looking at.  It is assessed around $103K.  He said that he is asking $130K.  Ummm. No.  That would be like giving him $27K. No thank you.  And before we even started discussing the house, he said "I don't reckon I know you." I told him who my parents were since they only live maybe a mile away and had been there over 30 years.  He said "I don't know them either, but I don't reckon that matters."  Um no. They aren't trying to buy the house; I am.

So, that house is out of the question now. Back to searching.


L.C.T. said...

My gosh house prices are so cheap over there! Our flat was at least twice that! Good for you knowing how much it's really worth though.

Technodoll said...

holy cheap housing, batman!


Here houses always sell over the municipal assessment, it's just how things are done. interesting to see the differences!

good luck house hunting! :-)

Rebecca said...

The seller sounded kinda odd. Maybe stick with realtors for now? Good luck with your search!

Technodoll said...

Keri! we miss you ! :-)