Pukey Monster

So instead of the cookie monster visiting us last night, I'm sure you can guess who did.  

I've got a sick hubby today.  We aren't sure exactly what made him sick, but he hasn't felt well since yesterday morning.  And last night it got worse.  I hated to do it, but I told him I wasn't sleeping in the bed with him because if he had a stomach bug, I didn't want it.  That was a little before 12 last night. 

I heard him get up again around 4:00.  He wasn't feeling much better this morning. He said his whole body was aching.  That could have been from being sick, but it could also be the flu.  So I gave him some multi-symptom cold medicine like he asked and I came to work.  

I hope I don't get sick.  I've been thirsty all morning.  So I could be getting dehydrated, I just hope its not from a stomach bug.  I hate getting sick.  

OH... And some good news!!! My mom said that they had two different people donate brand new sewing machines for them to take to Honduras on their mission trip!!!! YAY!!!!

Well, if you are praying people, please pray for our family as we have sickness going on, and pray for my mom as they leave for their mission trip at the beginning of March.  

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Lady Banana said...

Oh dear, my OH suffered similar over the last weekend, he was upset badly both ends and like you I slept in another room. So far I've been OK, pray it stays that way for us both :)