Internet Withdrawal

First, thanks for the birthday wishes! It was a great birthday.  My mom gave me a big photo album filled with my wedding pictures.  She said she new that's what I had been wanting.  When I got it, I started crying. She said "Well I didn't know you'd like it that much."  Hehe.. I really liked it.... no.... I LOVED IT!  And I think Derek is taking me out to dinner tonight. I love him. 

So on to the internet withdrawal.  Yesterday, I got to work and there was no internet! Hence the reason I didn't get to post yesterday.  

To begin with, I was fine.  I had plenty of work to keep me busy.  But then, I started getting to the work that required internet access.  I didn't let it bug me though.  I found something else to do.... make file labels.... straighten up my desk..... straighten up my files.... 

Let's just say, since I can't talk about some of the things that happen at work, there was a lot of drama and things I wanted to say, but we finally got internet back at about 4:30 yesterday. Then we found out that the internet had been back up and running since about 9:30 yesterday morning, but our router was dead.................... technology.... sheesh....

But today everyone is happy because we have internet.  I guess its back to taking advantage of having internet access! 

Have a bombdigity day!!

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Lady Banana said...

Glad you had a nice birthday!

Mad isn't it how we rely so much on internets nowadays!