A Days Hard Work: #57

Saturday, my parents, Derek and I got out in the storage building and cleaned it up.  There was a whole trailer of trash that went to the dump of things that were broken, or we didn't need or couldn't use but that wasn't in good enough condition to take to Goodwill.  

So here are the before pictures of what we were working with:

So.... Chaos basically.....
Now for the after pictures.... organized chaos....

 It might not look like its been cleaned out, but look at the trailer that went to the dump......

Derek got $52 from scrap metal.
The day was very productive and so it has turned into a productive week of going through other boxes.
this was number 57 on my list of 101 things.
I'm working my way up on #58 which is to move all our things from my brother's house to the storage building.  I think he's working on getting his house fixed up to sell and its hard with a dining room full of someone else's stuff.

My mom and I are going to have a yard sale Saturday at our church with some other people to help with their Honduras trip.  Hopefully we can make the money to get that sewing machine they want to take.

And if you would like to contribute to that sewing machine fund, you can click the donate button over in the side bar.

Well.... off to another productive day of work and then home to sorting through boxes....

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