It really sucks when you go through bank statements and see how much money is being spent on stupid stuff or stuff you don't need.  Or fast food places.  Or convenience stores.  Those small amounts add up.  And it just makes me mad. 

I've got to get a handle on our spending.  These bills have got to get paid one way or the other. 

What kind of debt reducing strategies do you use?


Cory said...

My plan, quit just spending money because it is there. I have basically cut out Starbucks. Costs too much. And I've seriously cut down on my book buying. I only got a couple of books the other day because I had a gift card. And I'm cooking as much as possible rather than eating out. It's cheaper and better for me!

No great tips. Just decided that I would have to seriously decide if I HAD to have something before I buy it.

Keri said...

Cory that's one of my problems is spending it just because it is there. We don't have a Starbucks in my town so that's a good thing for me because those don't work on my diet! lol. As far as books, I don't buy new books. If I get books, they are from the thrift store. I've found some good ones. I have a ton of cook books that I've gotten from Goodwill. Since my mom and I have started this diet, it's easier to not eat out, but Derek like to eat the chicken sandwiches from Burger King so I think I need to send him to rehab for chicken sandwich addiction. haha. Those are good ideas though. Whatever works for you. And seriously thinking about it before I buy is going to be my new motto.

Technodoll said...

Unfortunately spending is part of life, and if you don't treat yourself to little things once in a while you will go mad!

but yes they do add up to it's important to take note of spending habits by writing everything down. Then once you know where your weak points are you are more in control to change things.

Gotta live, gotta live a bit! ;-)

Lady Banana said...

I often say to myself, do I NEED it or do I just WANT it!?

Anna said...

Being on a student loan budget right now, I am able to make a meal for around $1 to $2. So, whenever I'm thinking about buying an unneccessary item, I ask myself "Is this [insert item] worth my lunch or supper?" If the answer is no or probably not, I don't buy it.

Keri said...

Anna, its getting to that point with me of whether I want to give up a necessity for a non-necessity. But I suppose that's what I'll have to do in order to get some of my debt paid off.