Back on the Diet

We are back on the diet. Day 2 currently. 

Yesterday, being stuck at home with all the snow, I found myself mindlessly wandering to the kitchen.  When I entered the kitchen, I would then stopped in mid step and think to myself, what am I doing?! I'd just grab a glass of water and go back to the TV room. 

I was worried that I had gained those 4 lbs back.  When I got on the scale the other night, I was up 4 lbs., but then when I got on last night, I was back down to where I was Thursday at the end of the diet.  I can't wait to keep losing.  

I can't wait to buy new clothes! To have a new body! :D


Lady Banana said...

Me too! I'm on day 4 now. I'm not too bad during the day at work but it's the evenings that are the most difficult!

Anna said...

You can do it! I'm excited for you. I've been thinking about starting a diet and exercise schedule. I don't think I'll use the diet that you are on, but it's still interesting to read your experiences. (BTW: I don't know if it's just me or what, but I can't see your text at all on your page. The text background is transparent, so all I see is the damask background. If it's just me, I can deal with it, but I just wanted to let you know!) :)

Musings Of A Gem said...

Hi Keri!

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog...Bravery is something I think we all need to work on.

Good job for keeping out of the kitchen...I've done the exact same thing's so hard but keep it up : )

Thanks for stopping by & hope to hear from you again soon!!

Gemma x