So what were you for Halloween?
Me? I'll get to that in a minute. I have to show you my brother. 
Meet Poppa Locka!

 That bling bling around his neck? Yeah, he made that! I told him I was quite impressed with his creativity in making that. 

I'm guessing Poppa Locka is a pimp. 

So Me... For Halloween, I was pissed.  That's about all I was.  First, the Georgia Bulldogs lost. Then, when we were on the way to take 2 of our friends home, they decide that we should go to Athens, which is probably a good 45 minutes away from where we were, to go to a haunted house. 

I do not do haunted houses.  I went to one last year that was set up in what looked to be semi- truck trailers. It turned out to be very scary and when I came out I was hyperventilating. Not fun.  I didn't think clowns could be that scary. 

So we go to Athens.  The person who that told us where it was didn't know that the street he told us it was on was on the other side of town than what he said.  So once we found that, we got there and THERE WAS NOTHING THERE.  Turns out that the website we looked at was a 2008 website.  Great. So we went to a gas station to ask about it.  The guy said he thought it was there to but that we should try Lexington Road. Ok.  That's on the other side of town.  Yippee.....  I am highly pissed by now because I'm wasting my gas for nothing.  So we get to Lexington Road.  Once again, NOTHING. We ended up eating at the Varsity.  

I wasted almost 1/3 of a tank of gas just to end up eating at the Varsity.  Ugh...........

Hope you had a happy Halloween!


Pieces of Me said...

I didn't do much for Halloween this year. It's never been one of my favorite holidays. I spent the day with my sister-in-law and her husband watching what we thought was going to be a scary movie. But Shutter Island, while a psychological drama, was not scary. And then we watched Silence of the Lambs, which I've seen so many times I can actually quote it.

Better luck next year!

Technodoll said...

oh good lord, that sucks!

hope you splurged on post-halloween candy on sale, at least!

Lady Banana said...

For Halloween, I hid indoors in front of my TV!