Wild Game Supper

Last night, the church that I attend had an event called "The Wild Game Supper".  They have been having it for over five years now.  Its an event mainly for men, but women do come.   The workers set up a banquet type hall.  The men come and go through the buffet line that consists of "Wild Game".

This "wild game" is quail, duck, frog legs, chicken wings, gator, shrimp, shark, salmon and buffalo. I served the chicken wings.  I would think that people would at least get the one thing that they know what it is.  But no, there were a lot of people who passed on the chicken wings stating that they could have those any time.  

"But they are wild chickens" I would tell them.  

A few looked at me and laughed, a few like I was crazy.  And some just waiting for me to pile their plate full of them.  I do have to admit though, in past years, the wings were not that great because they were just smoking them and not putting any sauce or anything on them.  This year, they put some kind of sauce on them. It was kinda like a spicy BBQ sauce.  It was BANGING!! 

When it was time for the servers to eat, I ate chicken wings.  And some shrimp and buffalo.  I tend to stick with things that I know I'll eat.  I'm not too sure about the shark.  And gator isn't that great unless its cooked right.  

The quail looked like it needed some clothes.  It was piled in a pan like little naked birds.  I couldn't bring myself to eat any of it.  

We had a good time though.  I'm sure there were a lot of people who came to Christ.  Fun times.


Pieces of Me said...

Hmmm....of your list, I've had quail, duck, chicken wings, shrimp and salmon. Don't think I'd try the others. Where does one even buy shark, gator or buffalo? It's not like you can go to Kroger to pick them up. I've been to specialty stores before but none that were that exotic! Hopefully, the event was successful in reaching out to people who might not have come to church otherwise.

Keri said...

It usually is pretty successful. Of course, we won't know until Sunday at church how successful it was.