I've been bitten.

When all the hype began when Twilight came out, I didn't understand it.  I thought that it was just one of those movies that had a cute actor that all the girls went gaga over.  The cute one I refer to is Jacob.  He dark skinned. Dark hair. Built. Hot.  That all I knew or cared to know.  

The student who was working in our office at the time was a Twilight fanatic.  She read the books, watched the movies, and tried to convince me that I needed to see the movies.  I wouldn't budge.  It was just a vampire movie and blah blah blah.  

That was until I watched Twilight.

I stayed up until midnight the other night watching Twilight because I didn't want to turn it off.  The movie makers have a way of drawing you into the movie.  I was so into that movie, and it was so late when I watched it, I dreamed about Twilight and vampires all night. 

After watching Twilight, I had to see the other movies.  All I'm gonna say is I love Twilight.

And.... TEAM EDWARD!  I feel like a teen aged girl again going gaga over a guy.  Yeah, I'm married and I absolutely love my husband.  But I think its ok to say, Edward is hot.  And who doesn't have a celebrity crush?  Not really a crush. But you have those certain celebrities that you like and see all their movies and what not.  I have a few of those. Ben Affleck.  Vin Diesel. And now I can add Robert Pattinson to that list. For now anyway. 

Seriously... Look at that face....

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Technodoll said...

Sigh. I like vampires, no love them! Dracula with Gary Oldman? *dies*

I gave this movie my best shot and just couldn't watch it past 20 minutes. I felt... cheated :-/