The Things a Country Girl Does

Last night after supper, D and I were sitting in our room watching the Vikings/Saints game.  I heard a horn honking, but thought it was on the other TV. I hadn't realized that my mom went riding on the Kubota (ATV).
Well she came in and was all "If it was an emergency, it could have been bad."
So I got up to see what was going on. She said that one of the cows had gotten its head stuck in the hay cradle. (Pic to the left is what ours looks like except one of the end gates is missing and its red.)
So the cow has horns about 7 inches long or longer. She had her head in between two of the bars. Some of the hay had apparently fell and wedged her in there. 
And the funny thing is that I think that is the same cow that got her head stuck the last time.
D and I were able to get the hay away from her head enough for her to pull it out. 
The things that happen living on a farm.

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