One Peeved Puppy

I'm pretty sure our dog, Bree, is absolutely peeved at me and D.  Her toe nails were like eagle talons and had to be clipped.  So I took her out on the porch and tried to hold her and clip them at the same time. It took D holding her while i clipped them.  Well, when they are clipped, the edge is kinda ragged so he took the PediPaws Pet Nail Trimmer to them to smooth them out.  Well I guess that further traumatized her. She got away, got her treat and got on the back of the couch and would not move. She lie there and just looked at me with this pitiful look on her face.  After I took her picture, she ran and got in her crate.
While I was sitting here, D came by and handed me a bowl of half eaten ice cream that he didn't want the rest of. Guess who became my best friend again!! That's right. BREE! She can't stay mad.  I don't think she is mad at all anymore, she's sitting on the recliner with me playing with one of her toys.  Hehe... I love my puppy!

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Pieces of Me said...

That story sounds exactly like our experience with our miniature chihuahua Paco. He pouts afterward until one of us has something to eat.