Homemade Pore Strips

Last week, I was surfing youtube and came across a video on how to make your own pore strips with unflavored gelatin and milk. There is a hilarious story after this video:

D and I had tried this last week after I found this.  We only did it on our noses. It worked amazingly well. So last night, I decided it would be a good idea to put it all over my face.  First of all, its kind of hot when you are applying it, but it cools fast.
D was still at church while I was at home doing this.  I was sitting in the recliner watching TV when he came in. I hadn't had a problem until he walked in and asked what I had done to my face.  I tried to laugh but my face wouldn't move.  That made me giggle more.  I told him it was the new Botox because my face wouldn't move.  He needed to go to the store so I got my things together and we were gonna go. He asked if I had to wear that to the store. Of course I had to. I wasn't getting out of the car and it wasn't set up yet.
We are going down the road and he starts making me laugh. Its so funny. He said that I looked like a burn patient whose skin had healed. It was kind of shiny. When I looked in the mirror, he was right.  While I was sitting in the car waiting for him to come out, I peeled the part off my chin. This stuff looks like really thick skin that you might have peeled off of a sun burn.  D got back in the car and saw it laying in the cup holder. "GROSS!" 
But that wasn't it.  I still had my cheeks, nose and forehead to do.  Just as a word of caution, its painful.  The part on my forehead had apparently ran down a little and had gotten into my eyebrow. Ouch. Its like ripping a band-aid off your face.  Finally I got all that stuff off and washed my face good.
Whatever little places you didn't get off should wash off fairly easily with soap and water.
I was then sitting in the room watching TV with D about 10 minutes later and my face starts tingling like someone is poking me with little needles. Or like its really cold or wind burned.  I guess that was the first time my face was really... I mean REALLY..... exfoliated.  But.. I doubt I'll ever put it all over my face again. 

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