A Bend in the Road

Have you ever found one of those books that you begin reading and the characters seem to come alive and you can't put the book down because you want to know what happens next?
The other night, I hung out with Sarah and we went to get some things that she needed for her classroom. On the way home, we were talking about D and then somehow that led into talking about reading. She was talking about all the books that she had read and wished she had time to read "grown-up" books. She is student teaching at an elementary school so she reads a lot of elementary type books.
I had mentioned about some books that I had on my shelf that I hadn't read. I have a few of Nicholas Sparks' books. I stood there looking at my shelf after I got back that night and decided I was going to read the books that I had on the shelf that I hadn't read yet. I pulled down A Bend in the Road by Nicholas Sparks. That book is one of those books. Usually it would take a while for me to read a book. It took, in all, maybe 8 hours for me to read the book. I'd read during lunch, when I got home, before bed. I couldn't get enough.
Last night, I sat up until I couldn't read anymore. I only had about 30 pages left. I brought it to work with me so that I could finish it. I sat here reading page after page. Knowing who had committed the crime in the book, of course after it told me. I was shocked. But then I wondered what it would do to them, Miles and Jonah. And what would happen with Miles and her?!
I was hoping and hoping that the outcome would be what I wanted it to be. Lets just say that I was happy that there were two candles glowing in her window!

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