This Weekend

So, I had all intentions of getting some more zipper pouches made. Well, I got the fronts made, but it's not completed. This past weekend was not a good weekend for me.
Friday, we went out with Sarah. It was fun. We had a great time, but I had started getting a headache. Saturday, the headache became a migraine. So most of Saturday, I was in the bed resting. Finally it eased off enough for my family to celebrate my birthday, which is today, together since my older brother was up for the weekend.
Sunday started off fine. Then it just went down hill. I'm not going to go into details because it has to do with family and some other things. All I know is that if you are a prayer, D and I really need your prayers right now please!


Becky said...

Happy Birthday!!!

I hope that despite what's going at home, you have a great day!

*~Puzzle~* said...

Happy Birthday Keri! Sorry I havn't been in blog world much. How are the wedding plans going? I like your pouch. It is pretty. I wish you sold them on ebay so I could buy one. hehe.

Also, I hope the family things work out. I have issues with Jono's parents sometimes. i can handle his mother in small doses. She is a 60 year old woman who behaves like a 15 year old sometimes.

keep Smiling and my prayers are with you.