Yesterday I was in the kitchen at work (I work in an old house) and I was mixing a new favorite drink. All it is is orange juice and sierra mist. Its orange juice.. with a bite. So I was pouring it together and one of the attorneys walked in.
"Keri? Is there something else in that?"
"Of course there is. I needed an afternoon boost."
He just looked at me.
I smiled and walked past him. As much as I kid around he should know that there wasn't anything else in that drink. Oh.. but wait.. there was.... there was.....omg... there was..... ICE! lol To keep it nice and cold... :P
I just thought it was funny that I was accused of drinking on the job. I don't even drink so why would I risk doing it on my job?!
Well.. I'm going to go enjoy another sierra orange mist.. ;)


Cory said...

In my office there probably WOULD have been a something else worth talking about in the orange juice. Makes me think of what I want to bring back to the office after lunch....

Becky said...

That is too funny! I work in a small office that has a kitchen as well. But I don't think anyone would notice if I mixed something in my drink.

I'm like you, I don't drink anyway. Funny how it's the ones that wouldn't do it that could get away with it!

Keri said...

Cory, some days I wish I drank cause I'm sure it would calm my nerves.

Becky, ain't it the truth that we always get accused... those who don't drank.