Washing Machine Malfunctions

Friday afternoon, I found a listing on craigslist.com for a GE Washing Machine. It was in a town that was only about 15 minutes away and the washer was only $25. Derek's been needing one so I e-mailed the lady about the listing.
This is how the listing read:

washer is about 8 yrs old works fine except the cycle knob is loose and you have to guess what cycle you are on

I e-mailed her and she said that it worked fine except the knob was loose. That was fine. I could deal with that. So I told her I would speak with my boyfriend and make sure he wanted it. He did. And I asked if he wanted to go get it that night (Friday night). He said yeah cause he didn't really want to go out. So, I e-mailed her and let her know we were coming to get it. On the way, we stopped by a friends house. He needed something done to his truck. Derek helped him with that and the wife and I watched. They then proceeded to ask if we were still going out with them that night. Derek said "We are going to get a washer, but call me and let me know what time you are leaving."
WHAT?!! I thought he said he didn't want to go out. He blamed me for making plans without asking him. GRRR.... so anyway. We went and got the washer. Gave the woman the money. We went and ate at Hardee's. I had one of their hot ham and cheese sandwiches. It wasn't as good as I remember it being.
So... on the way home, that loose knob she told me about... yeah. It flew off!!
So.. On Saturday, we went with my family and ate at a Japanese place called Inoko's. It was really good. At the cook, he knew the guy that was out cook at Shoki's; the one who gave us such bad service. :P But anyway, afterwards, we went to Lowe's to see if we could get a knob. They didn't sell them. We had to order it. So he gave us the number. We called and had almost completed the transaction when she told me my card was declined. WHAT?! No. I just put money in there that day and had no problem using it at like 5 other places that day. So bite me woman! Needless to say we didn't get it ordered which in an ironic way was good. Why?
Sunday, Derek was looking at the washer and was going to plug it in. The problem was, there was no cord to plug it in! It had been cut off. What kind of janked up mess is that! And it was cut off so close that there is no way to splice it back together. I got on the phone and called the lady. She said that her dad had cut off the wire to use for something else. "He can come by and fix it if you'd like. Or.... I can give you your money back."
I politely told her that we'd like the money back. "Oh, but I've already put the money in the bank so can you wait til Monday or Tuesday."
"Yeah. Sure."
So we are taking that piece of crap back! Lesson to be learned here: Either completely and thoroughly look over something before you buy it or just don't buy anything off craigslist.
Peace out!

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