Tailgater Hater

Yes. I am. A. Tailgater. Hater.

There. I said it! LOL. This morning on my way into work, I had a tailgater. Now keep in mind, I don't have to be at work until 8:30 in a city that is about 20 minutes from my home. BUT. To allow myself time in case there is an accident or some kind of freak of nature thing happens.
This lady got behind me in my town at the 4-way stop. When I was coming through the 4-way stop she was pulling up to my right. I was beginning to think she wasn't going to stop. So she got right up on my going down the highway. I was going my normal 55 mph. I could tell that she was a little disgruntle. I sped up to 60 mph. She was still eating my tail pipe!! Come on woman!
Finally, I didn't care. She was riding my tail so I slowed back down to 55 mph. When we got to places she could pass, there was a car coming. I giggled to myself every time this happened. At one point though, she had a place to pass. She pulled out and immediately I began laughing to myself because up in front of her there was a slow truck pulling out. She got stuck behind him all the way to the city! LOL. She must have been late for work because she pulled into the assisted living home like a bat out of hell. I guess she really wanted to get in there and wipe some butts.
Oh well. All I got to say is I'm a tailgater hater. :)
Peace out!

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*~Tey~* said...

Yes I hate tailgater's aswell. It is so funny when impatient drivers(i.e.tailgaters) get held up even longer due to there own impatientness...so funny.