Pizza Hut Story Teller

Last night after Derek and I took the janked up washing machine back, we went to eat the "family feast" at pizza hut which consists of a large pizza, two salads or two breadsticks and a pitcher of beverage. We gave the girl our order and went to the salad bar.
When we sat back down, we begin to notice one of the other waitresses on the other side of the room. Not only was she talking loud, she was telling stories. STORIES! Come on, just take the order and do your job. Don't need dinner and a STORY....
She stopped at one table and began talking about the chocolate dipper things they have now. "Oh my, I've already put on some weight eating those things." WHAT?! This girl is skinny... get real... and the thing was, she was telling that to these large people. I was thinking, 'Girl, if you really want to sell some of those, I wouldn't be telling people it makes you gain weight! You should be telling how delicious they are.' But nevertheless, she kept on about her weight.
Then she moved on to the next table and started on about something else.
I guess this is a new pet peeve of mine. A little conversation is safe, but please don't tell me about your weight gain or your life story. Thank you.
Peace out.

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