Feeling Overwhelmed

Yesterday, I didn't do a lot at work. This gave me a lot of time to do whatever. I got on the internet for a little while, but there is only so much that a person can do on the internet before getting tired of that. When I don't keep myself busy at work, it gives me time to think.
A lot of times, that's not a good thing. When I start thinking, I think about things that are really out of my reach at the moment. Things that I can take care of at the present time. When I think about things down the road, I tend to get overwhelmed. Yesterday, I got overwhelmed. I didn't let it show at work; that would have been unprofessional to get all emotional and having a nervous break down at work. After work, I went and picked up Derek from work. I began to tell him about my concerns and what I had been thinking about. We talked about it some. Then I tried to put it out of my mind.
We went to my house and I cooked supper. While we were eating, he could tell that something was bothering me because I wasn't talking much and I wasn't looking up from my plate. I shurgged it off and went to take a shower. I began to breakdown. I cried out to God telling him that I need him to take care of what was bothering me.
When I got out of the shower, I went to my bedroom where Derek was and asked if he was ready to go to his house. Again he asked what was bothering me. I said nothing. When we got in the car and started to his house, I didn't have anywhere to go so he asked me again. I told him. He said everything would work itself out. That wasn't enough for me. He asked why I was tearing up. I told him that frankly, I was afraid of how much and how long it would take to take care of the problems that were bothering me. Potentially, it's a lot of both. We got to his house. I put my things down on the couch and before I could sit down, he took me in his arms and told me that it would be ok that everything was going to work out in due time. I cried some.
It's weird how crying and getting it out will make the feelings of being overwhelmed subside. Afterwards, I was fine and we were able to talk about other things.
This morning, I read something on Christianitytoday.com that really spoke to me about my problem with being overwhelmed a lot. Here is what it said:

Feeling overwhelmed isn't a sin, but it is a case of distorted perspective. When we feel overwhelmed, we look into the future and believe that it contains more than we can handle. More demands, more decisions, more stress. As we look past today and live tomorrow's challenges in our minds, we become fearful.

Feeling overwhelmed is a beacon that signals the nearness of anxiety. As we begin to see this, we can consciously decide to run to God and unburden ourselves to Him rather than sin by taking it on ourselves in the form of worry. And as we live in today and acknowledge his sovereignty in tomorrow, we can begin to feel God's freedom and peace replacing the sense of being overwhelmed.

Those two paragraphs really helped me see that if I just depend on God, I don't have to worry and get overwhelmed about the things in the future that he will prepare me for. One reason I probably get overwhelmed about those things is because right now, I'm not prepared to handle those things, but by the time they come around, God will have prepared me to handle them because he will never allow anything to happen to me that he has not prepared me for in advance.


Elizabeth said...

Thank you so much for sharing those paragraphs. I needed to read them today. Lately, I feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders and I just want to scream. I think I DID scream yesterday. But that is so insightful and kind of a relief to remember that um... the world isn't MY responsibility, it's His. Bless you for sharing this!!!

JOY said...

Hi Keri

Lovely to hear from you!

I have started a new blog now - a weight loss one so don't have time to do my blogger blog!

Check it out sometime:-

Nice to see that you are still in a relationship and that everything seems to be going well for you! Obviously I have a lot of catching up to do so will go and read how you have been doing.

I have left a few comments on your blog.
Take care