Dial-Up Internet

One thing that every person should have is DSL highspeed internet.... no Dial-up. I'm house sitting for a friend of my mom's this weekend. I have my laptop with me but she has dial up internet so I'm having to use her computer. UGH. Dial-up is so slow!!! I've gotten so used to the highspeed, load up in a second internet that this seems like it takes ages to load a page. I'm trying to look up a recipe and it won't allow pop up windows. Then Internet Explorer gave me an error and had to close. UGH. I don't like dial up. I don't like internet explorer. Period.


cameo said...

I HATE dial up and hate Internet Explorer ALMOST as much! I'm an MSN girl all the way.

Keri said...

LOL I'm glad someone feels my pain! :P