So Call Me Crazy

Have you ever wanted something but don't really have the resources to get it?

I am a member of the flickr family... so I look at a lot of photos. While looking at them, I've noticed a lot of things that I would like to have. Not necessarily material things though. For one, I want to live in a big city. Not necessarily forever, but for a little while... until I get tired of it. I want to have the option of riding the subway, or taking a taxi, or even riding my bike to work because the traffic is to thick to own a car. I want to live in an apartment where I can put my things and decorate the way I want it.
After that, I want to live in an exotic place, where there are beautiful birds and other animals that will fill the frame of my photos. Where the waterfalls are high and the fish are amazing. Where I can walk out my front door and onto the sand.
I want the love of a man who cares for me deeply and with love me with all his heart. Who holds my hand. Who wants everyone to know I'm his. Who will wrap his arms around me while I'm washing the dishes and whisper in my ear how much he loves me.
I want to visit Paris with than man and view the Eiffel Tower at night. And Venice, Italy to float down the canals....
To have a short stay in Tokyo, Japan. To stay up all night in New York, New York. To have a gorgeous Christmas also in NYC. To ride down the strip in Las Vegas, Nevada. To be sleepy in Seattle and visit the first Starbucks there.. To see the Hollywood sign in California.
But most of all, to do all this with someone I love.

So call me crazy for wanting this life. One day hopefully, I'll accomplish it all, but right now I only wish.


marlettista said...

:) i feel the same :)

Crabby Rangoon said...

What a lovely post! I think those are all very achievable goals. Work hard to avoid getting tied down with lots of debt (car, house, college, stuff, etc.) and it will free you up to travel easier. Definitely worth it. Good luck!