Last night, I went with the singles group from church to serve the homeless. There is a place in downtown Athens called Walk On Water Ministries. It a place where the homeless in Athens can go. We went last night to serve them. Richard played guitar and sang a few songs. Then Pastor Perry came and prayed for the offering and we watched as little kids came up and dropped coins in the buckets. Coins. Not dollars. Coins. That's all they had to give. But they gave! It touched my heart.
Richard then came up again and he shared from the book of Job. He told of how Job had everything a man could want, but he lost it all. Richard said he was like job. He had a good paying job. An apartment. A car. Then he lost it all when he was in a wreck. He cut the tendens on the back of his left hand. He was no longer able to do his job. He was laid off. Lost his apartment. Lost his car. He was able to identify with the homeless because he had been that way once. Essentially, he identified with Job as well. Richard is in college. He has a job as an assistant at the church. And he has a car.
Pastor Perry shared that they needed $400 to make rent for this month. Would anyone be willing to give a few dollars??

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