Its Ironic

You know, I found something very ironic on Monday. Sunday, I had a session with the counselor. His wife sits in on our sessions and she was saying that I needed to find friends who wouldn't really just listen and cheer me on in what I was telling them, but that would say 'well here's what the bible says'. The thing that I found ironic was that Monday, my boss shared with me some things that she's going through. As we were talking she finally said 'Keri, I know you read the bible. What does it say about my situation?' So I asked her to give me a minutes while I found something in the Bible. So I read what I found. It seemed to have made her really think about the situation. She said this morning that she had sat and talked with the other person involved and asked them if they were saved. That was one of the main issues in the scripture I read. She needed to know if they were saved. The person is saved and said that they would like to start going to church more often. I told her she just needed to keep praying.
I found it ironic that after I was told to find friends like that, I was able to be that kind of friend to her.
So then she told me about her daughter. She said that since she's been getting in the bible, her daughter has been asking more questions. I told her that it was because she's looking to her mother as a Godly influence and when she reads the bible, her daughter will do the same. I told her she needed to be a Godly influence in her home, if no one else would be.
Beth, my boss, told me that she believes that the reason God let me live through the wreck is because he knew that she needed me even though she didn't know me at the time. So I believe he's placed me where I am for a reason. I think Beth is the reason. I haven't known her a month and I love her so much as my friend. I love being able to talk to her about whatever is on my mind and her being able to open up to me so well. Its been great!

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