This past week....

So the past week has been good at work. My boss is great. She's opened up a lot to me and shared some things about her and her family. She's a talker, but that's ok, cause I'm a good listener as well as a talker and don't mind listening and giving my opinion when she asks for it. She's so nice and I'm so excited about working with her. Another thing I like about her is that she is also a Christian and we have been able to talk about the Bible and it be ok. She asked for directions to my church. She said she was going to come tomorrow. I'm sure she'll like it and I hope her daughters like it to.
On Wednesday I had another counseling session. He said that he's seen an improvement in how I act just since I met with him a week and 1/2 ago. He said i'm smiling more. I have a better attitude about things. I told him that I've given everything to God because he's in control of all of it and not me.
Last night, Jennifer and I went over to the house that Nancy is house sitting and watched Finding Nemo with Savannah. That was fun except I started getting a headache. That family's dog though, omg, I know it was probably scared because I barked back at it when I pulled up. But when I went to pet it later that night, it started growling at me like it was about to attack me. I told Nancy I was officially scared of that dog. I'm usually not scared of dogs because we raise them, but I was definately scared of that one.
So, i woke up with that headache this morning, but luckily I got in the shower and then drank some hot coffee and it has finally went away so I'm glad about that. I think it had a lot to do with the fact that I was tired and didn't go to sleep.
But anyway... I need to do some work... Later!!

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JOY said...

I am not a "doggie" person myself I prefer cats. I do have a slight fear of them but I never had a pet dog so think I just have no confidence around them.

Glad you are smiling more! I was getting worried about you.

Hopefully you will get these nuisance headaches under control soon.