Snow? Sleet? Ice?

So... on one of the few days that I actually get to sleep in, I CAN'T SLEEP! My head is still kinda hurting but I'm hoping that will pass. The wintery mix is here. I'm not sure if it snow or sleet or ice. There is ice on the roads for sure. My dad was able to leave and get to work, but when Kyle tried to leave, he didn't even get over to the four way stop near my house before he about lost it. It's sleeting heavy outside. The weather radar on TV shows that we are supposed to have snow... maybe that's what that is on my car. :P Well, I'm gonna finish eating my pancakes.. Good day!

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JOY said...

Thanks for sharing the photos with us!

Have you been to see a doctor about your headache?

Hopefully you have some medication that is relieving the pain!