An incentive...

So.... I made myself laugh last night. I was at work last night. Well, it was time to do go-backs (putting unwanted items back on the shelf). I was on the first isle. I saw something laying on the floor so I crouched down to get it. Well I did, I heard something rip... I thought 'just great...' It was on the inner thigh of my pants so no one would be able to see it. So I went and asked the manager if I could go. I only had an hour or less left on my shift but she didn't care. She said it wasn't noticeable.. I was like gee thanks. So when I got off, my brother and I headed to walmart. Well, to my disappointment, Walmart doesn't have any khakis for my size. I even went over to the mens to see if maybe they had some. I needed some because I had to work this morning, but I couldn't find any. So I had to wear jeans this morning. So...bustin a seam in my pants is an incentive to lose weight. Its so embarassing. So anyway... yeah.


JOY said...

Oh Keri I know how embarrassing this can be!

I once bought a pair of trousers in a sale knowing they were a little tight but wore them to work anyway and like you I bent down and RIP!

They ripped right up the seam at the back - it didn't leave anything to the imagination LOL!

I lived close to work so was able to go and get changed thank goodness! I think your manager could have been a bit more sympathetic.

Hope you find some work trousers soon!

You should keep your other trousers and put them on in a months time and see if they feel looser!

Cory said...

I know how you feel!!!! That happened to me once when I started gaining weight again! Except I busted out the butt of my pants, AND had to walk across campus to my car so I could go home and change!

Tee said...

I know how embarrassing this can be...but I am glad that it is giving you more incentive to reach your personal weight loss goal.