Trip to Athens

Yesterday, mama and I went to Athens to look for recliners. We already have 2, but one of them is extremely broke. I think my brother fell in it instead of just sitting in it and it broke. The first place we went to, I found one that I liked but it was more $ than mama wanted to pay. The next couple of places we went just didn't really have anything that we liked that was in the right color or cloth.
At lunch time, we went and ate at Rafferty's. That's where my ex-b/f works. He wasn't there that I saw though. The weather (rain) had started to pick up a little so we thought we'd have lunch and let it pass. We both had potatoe soup and salad. Mama had coffee and water. I had water and a virgin pinacoloda. Mama said I should have that because it gave the appearance of drinking. I just had one the other day with them while we were out to dinner! :P That drink was very delicious though. So we got ready to go and the rain looked like it had eased up so left. Well when we got outside and started to the truck, the bottom fell out and the wind blew fiercely! We ran to the truck. It was so funny! I was laughing so hard when we got in the truck.
Well then we went to the mall because mama didn't believe me that the furniture place in there was closed. We got out and I had a jacket with a hood so I went on while mama got out the umbrella. LOL... the wind was still blowing and when I turned around, mama's umbrella was turned inside out. LOL I had told her it wouldn't do her any good while the wind was blowing. She just didn't believe me :P Again.. I was laughing so hard! LOL So the place was closed.
We went on to walmart. I bought some bead and things. Then we went to Hobby Lobby. I bought some more beads. I think I'm just going to stick with Walmart and Michaels when it comes to buying beads and things. Hobby Lobby is a little more expensive. They do have a very large selection though. When I need charms or something, I may go there because they have a lot more charms.
Oh, and we also made a stop at Sam's, Home Depot, and Lowe's because Daddy needed a generator. He and mama went back out there last night and ordered 2 recliners from Badcock and got a generator from Sam's.
Over all, me and mama had a very nice time in Athens despite the rain.

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