Lay Brrrrrrrrrr.......

:P Yeah... it's COLD outside. I need some soup.. or another white chocolate mocha from starbucks.. mmmm.. that would be really good right now...
So yesterday, I didn't really post anything much.. I came to the library (which I'm at now) and sat down at one of the many computers. Well... Once I sat down, everyone else started sitting at all the other computers until there was any available. I was surrounded with people. Which, yeah, it is a public library, but I just didn't feel comfortable sitting there blogging where the people beside me could lean over and read. I know it doesn't make sense because the whole world could read it, but I'd rather be off to my self to gather my thoughts before I blog. So, I decided to bring my trusty laptop along with me today to the library. I could stay at school and get on the internet, but those meanys block blogger and any other type of blogging site which sucks! I have to drive about 15 more minutes to get here, but it's all good. I like this atmosphere better. And it's warm in here.. i don't have to sit in the cold car where its BRRRRR :P
Change of subject... :P I'm going with my mom, Nancy and Jenn this weekend to Helen for a woman's retreat with our church. There is supposedly supposed to be some freezing rain and what not tonight and tomorrow night. We're leaving Friday morning. I'm hoping that all that mess will be gone by then. It would make for one heck of a ride if the roads are messing. We should have great fun though. I can't wait. I'm taking my computer with me, but I really doubt they will have any kind of internet connection. I probably won't need it for any reason though maybe other than to put the pictures on here. I'm taking the digital camera to take pics.
Well... I need to get some notes typed for class. Speak to you later!


cameo said...

Have a great time at your retreat! Be careful or whoever is driving.

Lady Lore said...

Typically, when I think of a retreat, that's not having anything of technological gizmo gadgety things... if that makes sense.

Enjoy your retreat. Escaping from civilization can be quite rewarding :)

JOY said...

Hi stranger,

Sorry I have disappeared for so long!

It has taken longer than I thought to get organised over here - they are a bit relaxed and easy going here in Ireland.

Glad to hear you are well and the blog looks great Keri. Looking forward to reading it and catching up with you.