It's over

I really believe I can finally move on. While I was at work today, I ran into Ashley's mother. I asked how Crystal was doing and she told me. Then I started talking about Ashley. I hugged her neck. I started crying. I told her that I knew how hard it was for them, but that it still gets next to me sometimes. She reassured me that she doesn't blame me. I really think I needed to hear that from her to be able to move on. Now that I know that she doesn't blame me, I can put this behind me and move on.
Thanks to those of you who are praying for me in this situations.

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cameo said...

I'm so happy that you have closure now. That is wonderful. I mean, it was a horrible accident, but that's exactly what it was, an accident that could have happened to anyone. Bad luck that it happened to you. I'm so glad that you can put it behind you now.