Crunched Malibu Pics

I was finally able to get down to my car today. I tooks some pics and got my things out. Well, as I was cleaning out my things, I noticed something on the back seat. They, Ashley's family/friends, left a picture of her on my backseat. Now I know it's not my fault so I don't know why they would do such a mean thing. If I was the type of person I could get them for harassment. Like mama said, it may be their way of grieving. Don't be mad at me....It wasn't my fault!! So anyway... here are some pics...



I agree with your mom Keri!

People grieve in different ways, I really don't think Ashleys family are trying to make you feel guilty.

You are probably very vunerable and the slightest thing will make you have these feelings but please know that this was a case of you being there at the wrong time.

You must try and remain positive and thank god that there weren't more casualties.

Am so relieved that you weren't hurt.

cameo said...

Maybe they just wanted you to see her they way they do, not as the person who made you get into a car accident. Just my thought. Hope you are okay, emotionally I mean. Take care.