Sad and Mad

Just when you think things are ok, they blow up in your face. This weekend, Bulldog (my new ex-boss) hired a new girl... she looks like a blimp. So I asked Bulldog "What's she going to be doing?" She said that she would be a "floater" on the front deak. I said "Oh. Well I'll still be getting my 40 hours right?" She said yes. So I had no reason really to think that my job was in jeopardy. Yeah ok.....
So I was on my way to school this morning and asked God for a blessing. Well I got to class and found that I had made an 89.7 on my test which is way better than i thought I made. I was like ok....this is good. Then i went out to my car to wait for my next class. I look at my phone and saw that I had a new voicemail. I thought maybe James had called. WRONG! It was Bulldog and she needed me to call her. So I called and asked what she needed. She said "I really don't want to give you bad news over the phone." I told her to just tell me. She said "As of today your job here has been terminated." I was like WHAT?!! WHY?! She said that I hadn't been a "team player". I said what does that mean. She said that I would play with my computer before I took care of a guest. I told her I always took care of the guest before going back to my computer. She then said that my cash drawer had come up short but that she wasn't accusing my of stealing. Then why the hell bring that up?!!! Then that bitch hung up on me when I didn't say anything else. That cold hearted bulldog looking bitch! So I called my mom and I never ever curse to my mom but I said "That bitch fired me! I don't have a damn job!" She was like "calm down. It'll be ok." My mom later told me that though she was cool on the phone she said she hung up the phone and was like "OH NO!!" She was at work and she said she came in and was like what happened?! So then I called Jennifer and told her and asked if i could come over. So I went over there and Nancy came over. We talked them me and Jennifer went to the unemployment office to file for unemployment. Though I cried, I was finally able to smile and think of the positives. My mom said that this could be my blessing from God in disguise. I hope so.
James called and I told him and he told me to come on over if I wanted to so when I got back, i went over there and hung out with him. It was nice to see him. I love being around him. And his dog... LOL. She is hilariously jealous! I think I'm going to get to see him tomorrow also. That is one good thing about me not having to work... I have more time to do things and see James. :D YAY!
Well, I will get back to you tomorrow. Maybe I will bring better news tomorrow.

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