About Me

I'm Keri of course. I'm 24.
I live out in the country in Georgia with my husband Derek, our two cats, Kitty and Jasmine and our dog Bree, no, not like the cheese.
I married Derek, the love of my life, in August 2009. We spent our honeymoon in Daytona Beach, FL. I've been loving married life ever since.
I'm also a sister. I have 2 brothers. Jesse and Kyle.
And I'm a daughter. I love my parents very much. I missed them a lot when I married and moved out.
I'm a paralegal. I enjoy my profession as I get to know people's business. Of course, what good is that when I can't tell anyone outside of work. Confidentiality!!
Things I enjoy would include:
  • photography
  • scrapbooking
  • readings
  • movies
  • TV (Law&Order, NCIS, Private Practice, Flashforward, LOST, etc.)
  • crafting
  • blogging
  • spending time with family
Things I dislike:
  • nosey people (yeah I know what I said about my profession but that's different)
  • mushrooms
  • children and the parents who won't control them
I think that's good for now.

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