Emotional Eating

So... I've been trying to do good with my eating, but at times, I  can't help but to eat.  Well, yes, I know I can help it.  But you know that there are those times when there is a certain emotion or emotions that trigger that want of something. Whether its something sweet or salty or sour, there is that something that you want to "sooth" you.

One of those emotions that does it for me is anger.  And, this morning, I got angry.  It might have been a petty thing that I got angry over, but quite frankly, I don't like people making me feel like an idiot.  If a person has bad hand writing, that doesn't give them the right to make someone feel stupid because they can't read the horrible hand writing.  And then to point at it and read slow and talk to me like I am a child?! You are asking for a bad rest of the day.

So, while I was out on errands this morning, I stopped at the convenience store for the convenience of the sweet things there.  I got a cherry Dr. Pepper and a brownie.  I know, shame on me.  But guess what IT WAS GOOD!  Did it make me feel any better?  A little, but not really.  But that little bit of happiness or whatever you want to call it that that brownie brought quickly dissipated when I had to enter back into the presence of the one who thinks he's above all others.

Let me stop now before I say something I shouldn't. But yeah... I emotionally ate. My bad.


Lady Banana said...

I do this far too often, not just with anger, also with worry and any kind of stress.. Sometimes it might be easier if I smoked but I don't! lol

Technodoll said...

You're not alone... I get that too and screw it, life's not meant to be boring white sheet of diet!

I thought Dr Pepper already tasted like cherries, never seen any other variations - now I'm curious cuz that sounds gooood!

*grabs a Dr from the fridge*


ps: and nevermind the eejits, rejoice that you can walk away at the end of the day but they're stuck with their loathsome selves forever ;-)